A step toward better health

Like many others, I’ve taken an interest in my health. Unlike many others, I’m never bored by reading scientific papers, studies, etc, and seeking out new information is almost a game to me.

This led me to Mark’s Daily Apple.

While you can get a much better idea of what Primal living is by reading his site, the general idea is to cut out a huge portion of our modern conveniences… that also happen to be harming us. While very few would ever advocate for completely eliminating everything modern from our lives, there are certainly a few things that we could stand to let go. Some of these, naturally, are harder than others; after all, who hasn’t told themselves at one point or another that they would like to start exercising? (Incidentally, while I realize I’m plugging MDA a bunch here, it’s an excellent source of information on this subject).

I realize that not many enjoy reading studies and research papers, but there certainly are enough sources to look at, especially if you happen to have a subscription to one of the many journals out there. Otherwise, Mark gives a quick rundown of a couple of the nutritional myths so many of us have been taught to believe (I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been told that “low fat” is the healthy way to go).

In brief, though, the whole idea behind this is that to be healthy, one should try to eat as natural as possible, move a bunch, optionally include a short workout here and there (but you can do without this if you move enough!) that can be as short as 10 minutes if you do it right, and eschew a decent portion of our comforts. Does that mean living like a metaphorical caveman? Not necessarily. After all, the leading advocate of Primal living writes a blog, so clearly there’s a certain level of modern living that can be used positively.

Dear reader, MDA is a valuable resource toward good health, and one that should be used thoroughly. I am in no way affiliated with him, but I certainly do advocate for what he teaches! May you be of sound health soon.


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